Bumbacoin is converting from the POW (Proof of Work) CLOT format to the POS (Proof of Stake) BUMBA coin.

CLOT -->

POW Coin
~ 800 million coins in existance
Mining with new coins created
Transaction fees paid to miners

POS Coin
20 million coins
2% Annual Interest
Transaction fees paid to coin holders

Fear not Bumbacoin holders, you will lose no value! All Clot can be exchanged for Bumba.
While the auto convert process is now over you can still manually convert CLOT to BUMBA by contacting the amazing bumbacoin support.

Send Bumbacoin a PM and the process can begin.
This is the official Bumbacoin CLOT to BUMBA exchange. When in doubt check the main Bumbacoin.com website and link from there.